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If you are the owner or supply manager of a construction business, and are looking for a supplier for all of your construction building equipment cut his bold nuts or threaded rod material grade then Eagle Bolt & Supply Company is going to be the best choice for your business. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma and we are known for our top quality and best customer service in the industry. We’ve been servicing commercial businesses with their building material for the past four decades and we will continue to innovate our industry to continue to stay the best on top. we look forward to expanding our business to a national and international level.

Whenever you order your building material or threaded rod material grade you are going to get it in a timely manner. We make sure that our products and shipping time come out on time with every order so the project that you are working on doesn’t fall behind. We understand how frustrating it can be to work in an industry where you have to rely on other companies to make sure that you have fewer materials to start the jobs to make money. So we’ve changed the industry and have created systems to ensure that you’re getting all the products and materials on time. We have a huge apply list on our website so you can always go on there and take a look and make sure that you’re ordering the correct product.

Our customers depend on us to provide the best quality products and the best way we can possible including threaded rod material grade industrial equipment. We look forward to working with your commercial company to ensure that your timelines and business is done efficiently and that you can rely on us for every order that you make. If it’s your first time ordering with us you can get 15% off your first order on our website at eagleboltandsupply.com. we’re determined to consistently keep our back stock up so we don’t run behind her run low and any products that you might need to run your business efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with all of our customers that have continued to do business with us over the years and we’re excited to be building relationships with expanding industry and growth that we’ve seen in the past 10 years. We have a vast network of customers and connections that are nationally and internationally. So we are consistently growing our base and performing at a top level. We continuously run numbers to make sure that we’re keeping a back stock and everything that you’re going to need moving forward in the future.

If you feel like our services are something that you are wanting to get started with then we encourage you to visit our website at eagleboltandsupply.com go look at our product inventory list or to get more information and details about our 15% off discount for your first order. You can always give us a call over the phone and (918) 627-1123 during regular business hours. We look forward to talking to you soon and creating a good relationship.

Threaded Rod Material Grade | Building With Your Needs

At the eagle Bolt & Supply Company, we are the number one known company in the industry for the top threaded rod material grade products. We are excited to be starting our business with you and your company. We’re known for our high-quality customer service and for being in business for over four decades. our founder started the company in 1983 and since then we’ve become a two-generational family-owned company. We always ensure that we keep our core values and just innovate the best way we can to make sure that all of our customer’s needs are being met 100% of the time.

Our company has a vast variety of different supplies such as threaded rod material grade that we keep in stock using a proven method of our growing client base. With our inventory method, we are able to keep control of the inventory counts so we know how much to order. We can project in the future how much we’re going to need to keep in back stock as well. We pride ourselves and building relationships with every client and business that orders from our company to ensure that you’re going to be satisfied every time you place an order online or over the phone for your material needs.

We have been the top Distribution Company for building materials and threaded rod material grades in the United States. We pride ourselves on having the best quality and long proprietary products and relationships with our clients. Whenever we started the company it was a slowly forged new company and we have worked from the ground up. We have expanded to a national level over the past four decades. We continue to offer our 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy so if you get an order that’s not up to par then you can send it back and we will resend you one before you can put yours in the mail. We want to make sure that your projects and Commercial company are on time and not waiting for supplies to constantly get to your site.

There’s a reason that we are known as the number one company for supply ordering materials. We work really hard to maintain our reputation and be able to expand our materials over the years to fit the needs of well Loan companies that are fused us over the years and all the way to small businesses that order from us occasionally. We always make sure to keep a list of inventory stock so that whatever you place an order you don’t have to wait on a back order to come into our warehouse. If we don’t have what you need then we can reach out to other suppliers to get it at cost and not have to raise the prices.

At our company, Eagle Bolt & Supply we work really hard to make sure that your needs are met on a percent of the time and continue to build relationships with all of our customers no matter how big or how small their commercial businesses. We can also cater to those that are working on residential projects as well. You can visit our website at eagleboltandsupply.com or you can call us over the phone at (918) 627-1123 for any additional information.